Over the last 40 years , Connecticut has achieved the
dubious distinction of being the worst sinkhole state for financial solvency in
the country, according to the Institute for Accounting, and has a business index
ranking 40 of 50 according to the Tax Foundation. It is a state which cannot
retain and employ the 18-24 year old demographic. In fact, in the past year
alone, the labor force in CT is 51,000 is less than it was one year ago. 

As Rep. Cafero pointed out, forty years of unfettered governance by a Democratic majority in both houses of the General Assembly has resulted in a powerful dominance of government sponsored workforce—a government class insulated by the economic pressures affecting the private citizen. In 2011, newly elected  Gov. Malloy unveiled his three point plan to tackle the then budget deficit of $3.8 billion:
cut spending, get union concessions, and only raise taxes as a last resort. 
Unfortunately, House and Senate Republicans watched Gov Malloy agree to a guarantee of
no union lay-offs for four years, continue union pay raises, expand  Connecticut’s government by adding 3 new departments/ offices, and fund all of  this through the biggest tax raid in CT’s history-from pet grooming, to facials, to smoothies.  Government is now
CT’s largest employer, with 87,761 FTE employees per the Dept of Administrative
Services. The largest employers in CT’s private sector are United Technologies  with 26,400 employees and Stop&Shop with 14,000 employees.

Rep Cafero espouses a Lincoln approach to government: Have as
much government as you need, but only the government that you need. 

As House Republican Leader, Rep Cafero proposes that there be an  elimination of duplicative services, such as the redundant programs aimed to  retrain seniors for the workforce. He also espouses a common-sense approach to  streamlining bureaucracy to ensure there are the funds needs for infrastructure services such as money to hospitals (which are underfunded in the Gov. Malloy’s proposed budget) and services for the most needy among us.

It was an enlightening morning and we were blessed to have Rep. Cafero for the above discussion.

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